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Conference & Exhibition
26th November 2020


Opening Address & Explaining Smarter Working Live 2020

Dominic Brankin
Operations Director
Government Property Agency


Smarter Working in a COVID World

Alex Chisholm Awaiting Confirmation
Chief Executive of the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary
Cabinet Office


Celebration of Places

Steven Boyd
Chief Executive
Government Property Agency


Celebration of People

Rupert McNeil
Government's Chief People Officer
Cabinet Office


Comfort Break


Celebration of Processes

Government Digital Service


Celebration of Technology

Simon Tse
Chief Executive
Crown Commercial Service


Headline Sponsor


Award Reflection

Kate Guthrie
Deputy Director Workplace Experience and Smarter Working Programme Director
Government Property Agency


Plenary Hangout

Chaired by Dominic Brankin
Operations Director
Government Property Agency

Join the plenary panelists and special guests for a breakout Q&A session



Delivering the Smarter Working Culture
Workplace & Workspace Transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation, with millions of employees shifted to home working. Organisations now depend on flexible, adaptable, powerful technology to suit not only where we work, but the behaviours that support this system. How efficient are the systems that we have in place, and what areas can we improve? In this workshop, Lakeside Software will explore how intelligent data monitoring and deep analysis can provide greater visibility into efficient workplaces.

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Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow
Corporate Leadership, Management & Culture

During this time of crisis and the “New Normal” we now face, it is more important than ever to have effective, supportive leadership engrained into the culture of the public sector; incorporating all of our sustained energy, collaboration, focus and clarity of purpose in order to achieve clear outcomes. This workshop will encompass what collaborative, inclusive, responsive leadership looks like, and by extension, what we can do to bring out the best in the people around us - the leaders of tomorrow.

Digitalising the Future of Work
Automation (Digital / Robotic / AI)

Discussing the role Automation should play within the public sector is not new. Automation, at its core, is designed to surpass physical human contact and has proved an invaluable benefit to services during COVID-19. However, identifying which Government processes Automation and other AI applications are best suited to requires careful examination. This workshop will deliver thoughtful insight into the current processes where Automation is used across Government and how it may emerge in the future, in a variety of functions and forms.

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Driving Deeper Levels of Engagement
Unified Communications

During COVID-19, more organisations than ever are interacting with employees, clients and stakeholders over Unified Communications - from web conferencing to virtual meetings. NFON are industry leaders in this area, with integrated systems that foster innovative solutions so that staff and customers can have richer relationships and deeper levels of engagement. In this workshop, NFON will demonstrate how Unified Communications can offer public sector organisations securer communication, greater customer experiences, and drive Smarter Working Practices.

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Smarter Working Live Lounge

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Delivering Value – Beyond Bricks and Mortar
Asset Management Innovation

When developing thoughtful approaches to the management of Government, innovation prevails. In recent years, approaches have been taken to rewire our thinking of work being what we do, not where we go. So, how can we strive for innovative ways of working that advocate transparency and communication, no matter where our workplace is? This workshop will showcase how the surge in remote working due COVID-19 has forced Government, local authorities and other public bodies to look further beyond bricks and mortar and remove barriers between entities entirely.

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Engagement, Empowerment & Smarter Working
Workforce Management

With the impact of COVID-19 affecting our personal lives in different ways, it is time to reflect on how we can bring out the best in our people through Smarter ways of working. During difficult times, how can we foster an environment that encourages creativity, enables trust and develops empowerment? This workshop will address how organisations can combine people-focussed objectives and effective management to achieve greater outcomes, deeper engagement and higher performance.

Changing the Culture of Print

The transition to remote working has meant public sector organisations are facing unprecedented challenges to keep information secure. Previous methods which were efficient in offices are now causing problems. For example, using paper-based processes to track information, or to print in bulk, are now highly unsustainable and impractical. So, how can we adopt a ‘paperless’ reality that fits seamlessly into our work systems? In this workshop, data storage specialists Iron Mountain explain how storing data and information digitally can enhance security, sustainability and accessibility.

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The Measure of Efficiency
Efficiency Savings

In the current pandemic, the physical signing, witnessing and executing of contracts is no longer a viable option for everyone. Therefore, organisations are looking to innovative technology to make this happen. E-signatures by Adobe are a legal way for people to sign, track and collect signatures digitally in the UK, and the process is incredibly efficient. In this workshop, we’ll consider how digitalised tools can accelerate processes to be smarter and more efficient, and how in doing so, the concept of efficiency can be much more than cost savings.

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Smarter Working Live Lounge

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Bringing It All Together
Efficiency in the Property Portfolio

COVID-19 has placed a huge emphasis on organisations to achieve collaboration that is continually agile and efficient. The Property Portfolio market will continue to face challenges in the future, and solutions must be focussed on adaptability: co-location, the creation of government hubs and the adoption of Activity based working. Join us at this workshop where we will discuss why shared services need to become integral to our ways of working, now and in the future.

Fulfilling Your Valuable Roles
Skills & Succession Planning

COVID-19 has highlighted the areas that are most affected by the lack of valuable skilled workers, and vital services are struggling as a result. Negative outcomes like this can be significantly reduced if organisations establish effective Succession Planning for employees. This workshop explains how we can use Smarter Working practices as an opportunity to provide our staff with tools and training staff to upskill, and how in doing so we can attract and retain new talent to build a more adaptable workforce that exceeds capabilities.

Sharing vs Silos – Moving Beyond Boundaries
Data and Interoperability

Innovative technology and re-engineered processes can shake Government from its silos to form a culture of sharing, transparency and growth. These cultural qualities will be fundamental to building a future of Government and other public bodies post-COVID-19 that is successful, credible and trustworthy. In this workshop, we unpick how to overcome the barriers of information sharing in order to increase collaboration and efficiency in systems across the public sector.

Small Scale, Big Impact
Small Scale Project

When public sector organisations work on small scale projects with limited budget and resources, it can lead to the development of solutions that excel original outcomes. This is particularly true for projects launching during COVID-19, where small changes can transform the future. So, no matter the size or budget of your project, its value cannot be overlooked. This workshop reveals how small projects have resulted in higher success rates of IT projects and lead to more defined objectives.


Smarter Working Live Lounge

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