Our Story

Welcome to the second year of Smarter Working Live - we are thrilled to have you here. In partnership with the Government Property Agency’s Smarter Working programme, our leading event for the public sector celebrates innovation, collaboration and excellence. It is a platform to recognise the significant achievements made towards Smarter Working and the commitment demonstrated by individuals, teams and organisations to drive positive change.

The concept of Smarter Working Live is not new. The Public Sector Paperless Awards (2017-2019), hosted by GovNewsDirect, merged with the Smarter Working Awards in 2020, in partnership with the Government Property Agency, and from here, Smarter Working Live was born.

In 2020, we hosted the first Smarter Working Live Conference and Awards in a fully remote capacity, with over 1100 delegates from across the public sector. We received over 250 nominations from public sector organisations across 18 awards, and it was a huge success. View the 2020 winners here.

If you are new to our event, we are excited to have you join us. If you are returning, it is fantastic to have you back!

The coronavirus pandemic has proven how resilient the public sector can be, and how hard-working and empowering the people are that work across the public sector. The lasting legacy of this period will be in recognising what the public sector and our people can achieve, even under immense pressure, with limited resources and restrictive budgets. We must now use this time to make impactful Smarter Working change in the months and years ahead.

Our 2021 event this year is set for even greater changes, bigger celebrations, valuable discussion and an enriching user experience. Spanning over 3 days and comprising of keynote speakers, workshops, plenary discussions and endless opportunities for networking, Smarter Working Live 2021 will pioneer valuable content, timely debate and sector insights that will shape the future role of Smarter Working in the public sector.

2020 Awards Ceremony